Head Start Holiday Guide 2021 - Part 1 Kids

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Are you like me who always stressing out before Christmas on what to get everyone? It's so last minute and you have so many people to buy for, you end up getting unthoughtful gifts you are embarrassed to give?

Get a head start to your holiday shopping this year! I am seeing a lot of articles that the shipment will be backed up and supplies will not last this Holiday season. With this Holiday Guide, there is no need to sweat. You will find a perfect gift for everyone!

This will be a series of 3-5 blogs for this topic and this first week, I will be talking about gifts for kids.

Fidget toys like pop its are HUGE this year. Get one of these and you will earn a cool mom/auntie status! They can enjoy less screen time, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety. It is a win-win gift.

Pop It Chess Board Game

Pop It Chess Board

Warmies make a perfect gift for kids too and also adults! They are like plushies that are gently scented with French lavender. You simply warm them up in the microwave and the scent and warmth will keep you calm and relaxed. My kids sleep way better with their Warmies! So many different Warmies to choose from.

Llama Warmies

Llama Warmies

Comment what you are planning to get for the little ones in your life!


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